About ... 

STACEY (Owner):

I completed my Undergraduate and Honours year at the University of Johannesburg, with a BA Psychology.

After graduating in 2009 I went on to practice as an Applied Behaviour Analyst (ABA therapist) and received training from Autism Partnership (AP), a leading global agency in the treatment of autism based in Hong Kong. I also received "hands on" and didactic training from internationally renowned doctors and consultants in autism. Since returning, I have worked at some of the well known Autistic centers in Johannesburg.

I have experience running a small social class of special needs children as well as providing one-on-one behavioral intervention to multiple clienteles. I have worked as a teacher and facilitator in many different classrooms and have a reputable reputation when it comes to homework supervision and organizational management.

I have integrity and a personal drive for excellence. I am motivated and driven and I believe in my own ability to analyze and problem solve. Add to this the fact that I genuinely care for my clients, and I believe you will find me to have a number of great attributes.

On a personal note, my career choice has been based on a mix of “love comes first and intellect second”. I do love children and am dedicated to assisting and making a difference where the opportunity presents itself. Working with children brightens my day and never fails to put a smile on my face. There is no greater reward than watching children grow before your very own eyes and knowing you had a part to play in it!



Providing care for children from: 
– 6 years
Our philosophy is allowing children to learn through fun and play. We aim to offer the best learning environment. This will be achieved by aiming for a small teacher to child ratio so that each child receives the personal care he/she deserves. Our small classes allow us to provide individual focus to kids with challenges within a warm, "home away from home", safe and comfortable learning environment. 

Morning activities will be centered on play, with an emphasis on gross and fine motor activities aiding body movement to ensure the movement of smaller muscles and body development.

We provide a half day option:  (Monday-Friday).

Half Day: 7:30 – 12:30 (Monday – Friday)  

We also provide holiday programmes during the July and December vacation periods.