Welcome to Sugarplums & Sweetpeas


Sugarplums and Sweetpeas Playgroup is a place for children (aged 18 months -6 years), where children can learn, play and develop friendships, located in the Glenhazel area. The playgroup operates from modern cottage premises and is located in a safe and secure Cul de Sac.

Each day is planned to include activities that promote developmental growth of the whole child.  Circle time, movement, art, music, dramatic play, reading, cooking/baking, painting, fine motor skills, block building and outdoor play, are some of the means through which children learn.  

Every child's unique needs are catered for. We offer individualised Education plans for both gifted children and children who require intervention.

 Some of the curriculum centred on include: Numeracy, shapes, colours, opposites, five senses, my body, my community, my family, transport and loads more!

 Our mission includes preparing our children for “Big School” by focusing on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

We are dedicated and willing to “go the extra mile” to ensure a loving, safe and secure environment for your child and we strive to be a facility that parents can rely on.